Monday, January 3, 2011

Relaxing 1st day of uni... =D

milo & biscuits for breakfast..
iron clothes while watching movie..
time up.. made bee-line 4 bus-stop..
went 2 ppib, met jx.. search 4 pc lab coz class held there..

class lasted 4 onli 5 mins.. 4.5 mins of waiting.. 0.5mins of lecture..
lecturer whose name i had 4gotten said, "Hi, hari ni no class.. i berusaha nak gabungkan class & adakan kat dkp..." blah blah blah..

after tat, go look 4 some lecturers.. inquire if tis week got class onot... found my Spanish lecturer... Consuelo.. look like a really nice lady.. then when leaving time, i said, "Gracias~"... HAHAHAHA... Soooo funny... She laughed & said, "Adios~" XP!!

that's not much 4da 1st day of uni.. now juz afternoon.. weather cloudy.. but stil hot.. later wan go jog & play badminton... XD!!

Stay tune.. Toodlez~ ^.^

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