Monday, January 3, 2011

Relaxing 1st day of uni... =D

milo & biscuits for breakfast..
iron clothes while watching movie..
time up.. made bee-line 4 bus-stop..
went 2 ppib, met jx.. search 4 pc lab coz class held there..

class lasted 4 onli 5 mins.. 4.5 mins of waiting.. 0.5mins of lecture..
lecturer whose name i had 4gotten said, "Hi, hari ni no class.. i berusaha nak gabungkan class & adakan kat dkp..." blah blah blah..

after tat, go look 4 some lecturers.. inquire if tis week got class onot... found my Spanish lecturer... Consuelo.. look like a really nice lady.. then when leaving time, i said, "Gracias~"... HAHAHAHA... Soooo funny... She laughed & said, "Adios~" XP!!

that's not much 4da 1st day of uni.. now juz afternoon.. weather cloudy.. but stil hot.. later wan go jog & play badminton... XD!!

Stay tune.. Toodlez~ ^.^

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hapi New Year 2011!!

Another year hav end.. here comes a new year..

juz bak 2 sabah 2day morning.. flight delay...

sorry i havent been updating at all.. coz i facebook more.. hahaha..

shall do my best ya..

Wishing all my family & friends an Awesome New Year.. ^.^

Lemmi share wif ya all how mi gonna start my 1st day of a brand new year...

A new haircut.. wakakakakakaka...

soo little hair.. hehe~

oh well... stay tune 4 more.. hopefully? XP!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Visit 2 marine skul of UMS by da seaside

13th August 2010.. tat was last friday.. i was having my programming tuition class.. suddenly, lav text mi & said.. "Yo.. hari wanna bring us go c da marine museum in his skul.. wanna come? =)" Sure lar i said yes.. we were going at 11.. since my next class's at 2pm, i got soo much free time.. go there c c bah.. XP!!

Apparently, hari's skul is located really far fr... fr... fr... civilisation? nahh.. juz kiddin.. it's juz really far away.. we gotta take a bus fr d library go duno where... then walk walk for awhile onli reach his skul..

Upon reaching.. aiya.. museum tutup ady.. we reached there bout 11.40.. museum closed for lunch o somethin.. haizz.. well, since we were already there.. let's go walk walk.. look see look see lor.. XP!! and then ~blah blah blah~

Photos time~ ^.^

ermm.. Hari xplained 2 mi wat tat's.. pretty long.. sooo.. juz look at it can ady.. Kekekeke..

Hari, Yuen & Lav...

Another building tat hav god-knows-wat function... =P

Oooo... Look at tat.. XP!!

Yay~ look at da water... ermm... much cleaner compared 2 bak at home..

Tada~ aaron practicing balancing.. i used tis photo as my new fb display photo.. it's been a year since i last changed it ady..

Lav hugging a tree.. XP!!

Lav & Yuen...

Hari & Aaron

Finally... Reach da jetty.. too bad we couldnt go there coz it's locked.. Rofl...

Look~ So prettyful.. Yuen told mi a joke bout "Why is da sea blue?" any1 can answer? hahahaha...

blue sky.. blue sea... blueee bluee blue..

Not bad lar... Sabah sea oso quite nice looking.. Gotta come here again coz stil havent visit da museum yet.. XP!! after tat, lav & yuen wen KK.. too bad mi kenot join coz got class.. swt swt..


Finally manage 2 take a few photos of these rascals...

Saw da monkey... on top of my neighbour's room.. I saw it stealin rambutans.. lol..

After tat, he escaped by gliding down tat pipe.. lol..

Here's another monkey tat wen in2 some1's room & stole milk powder.. da whole jar feel & d powder wen all over da floor.. da monkey started eatin it.. later a few more monkeys come join.. LMAO!!

Well... as for mi.. my room has been monkey-free ady.. no more fud lying around.. so no monkey come.. hahaha.. & also.. mi juz got new roommate.. so, fr 2 in a room became 3 in a room.. it's feels pretty crowded in da room.. Lol..


I often go joggin at da complex sukan of my uni fr time 2 time.. Provided if i'm not busy or tired.. and of coz, if it's not raining.. well, usually, it's bcoz of rain i din get 2 go jog.. rofl..

Jogging track... XD!! sooo far.. mi can jog 7 rounds nonstop.. *panting panting panting.. slowly build stamina.. =P

Da veli same place after rain o somethin.. Da sky soo pweetttyyyy... Look at da rainbowww~ ^^

Oh well.. tat's all fr mi now.. Peace~

Monday, August 2, 2010

Monkey alert

Tis was day b4 yesterday's story..

It was a warm usual saturday in Sabah.. I'm snooring away on my bed.. it was about 7am when i suddenly heard a loud bang in my room.. I got shocked! Coz.. i was alone since my roommate left at bout 6 somethin 4 his duno-wat activity..

Waking up in a pretty blur state.. i saw somethin jumping out of my window.. i wen 2da window & saw a monkey climbing down da pipe of my hostel.. Since it gotta climb using 4 of his arms, wateva it stole, he gotta use its mouth 2 carry.. Guess wat i saw.. MAGGIE MEE!!

Seriously.. truth story.. a monkey broke in2 my room 2 days ago & stole maggie mee fr mi.. there are other fud stuff as well.. oh well.. it's not intelligent enough.. swt swt..

I dun mind losing da whole packet of instant noodle.. so happens my laptop, wallet & handphones are on da my study table.. if da monkey steal it, i rly will cry my heart out ady... Hahahaha..

I posted about tis incident on fb last saturday nite.. Thiru sooo bad... he said, "haha...gud one...a monkey steals food from another monkey....hehe" >.< Tat's about it lor.. Strange incident happening 2 mi... I hope da next 1 is not UFO crash in2 my room & i make a new fren fr another universe... LMAO!!

Tat's da look of my room's window.. Apparently, I opened both windows super wide bcoz I hanged my clothes there 2 dry overnight.. Da monkey probably climb inside bcoz it notice da window is seriously too wide open ady.. So swt..

Tat's my stash of ration of survival.. I got some cookie, peanut butter, sugar biscuits, milo, nescafe & nestum.. Wat a luck 4 tat monkey 2 steal an instant noodle fr mi.. hope it dun break his teeth tryin 2 munch tat rock-hard noodle.. Wakakakakaka..

Can't b help... My hostel's juz by da hill & my room so happens 2 face da hill which so happens 2b da monkey's nest... ROFL!! My roommate who's a senior, told mi tat it's a norm actually 4 monkeys 2 sneak in2 rooms & steal stuffs.. He oso said tat they're clever in opening drawers... Hahahaha... Oh well.. Gotta take precaution then.. hopefully wont happen again.. if it steal all my fud.. sob sob... =P

Til da next time then... Toodles.. =D

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Early morning jog + 1B mini gai gai...

Tis is suppose 2b yesterday's post.. but i juz manage 2 online now.. ahahahaha..

As of day b4 yesterday, 1 of us came up wif a plan 2 wake up at 5.30am 2 go jog.. Hari said it's impossible 4 mi & lav 2 wake up tat earlier.. especially mi.. tat's actually bcoz i put him 'aeroplane' twice ady for joggin.. Hahahahaha.. Sooo, we made a deal... if mi & lav able 2 wake up & go 4 jog at 5.30am, then Hari'll belanja us ice-cream... wakakakakaka... butttt.. mi is 'ibarat beri betis nak paha'... hari gonna treat us sundae cone... but i asked 4 sundae cup.. more xpensiv... kekekeke... he agreed coz he got da feeling mi aint gonna wake up.. hahahaha.. hearing til free icecream, yuen oso wan join.. XD!!

So, yesterday morning, i wake up at 5.20am & giv lav & yuen mornin call.. surprisingly every1 wake up jor.. then we all meet at cafeteria at 5.30.. Woohoo~ free icecream.. XP!! then went joggin...

after tat, bout 6.15 ady.. i fast fast rush bak 2 my room 2 online coz wanna chit chat wif my darlinggg... but aiyooo... so damn unlucky.. modem sot jor.. kenot online.. wanna pinjam roomie's modem but he stil asleep.. sob sob... apa boleh buat.. kenot online lor... as of now oso, i using my roomie's broadband modem 2 online... rofl..

later, mi, lav, yuen, hari, dia & lucky went 2 1B... we 1st went 2 KFC for breakfast.. then go shoppping... look see look see.. mi bought a new sweater fr F.O.S... da jacket i brought fr home too thick ady... ahahahahaa... dun hav any photo of it at da momen though.. nvm lar... then walk here & there... then LUNCH time.... wen 2 restaurant called Kahre sellin western fud.. not bad leh.. quite cheap actually.. XD!!

then mi wen 2 Popular bookstore 2 buy some stuff.. then gotta balik 2 campus ady.. coz got Induksi thingy at library.. they teaches us how 2 use da library etc.. after tat, then i got my student card... XD!

Tat's about it lar.. dun wanna talk too much grandma story.. scared my readers fall asleep..

Now's photo time!! ^^

tis's d view of my uni's complex sukan at 6.13am... at tis hour, it suppose 2b pretty bright ady.. but yesterday so happens veli cloudy.. rofl

another view... saw da joggin tracks? XP!! mi owez go for 5-rounds-nonstop jog wif frenz...

tat's Lav & Yuen..

group photo~ Lav, mi & Yuen.. Hari at da bak... tis's after jogging.. after sweating, feel so healthy ady... =P

Entrance of da affordable western fud restaurant in 1B.. reminds mi of Windmill bak in melaka... hahahaha...

Lav & mi..

Mi & Yuen...

Lav, mi & Yuen...

Lucky, Hari & Dia..

Tis is da 1Malaysia post... got cina, india & melayu... Wakakakakakaka...

mine mine.. fried dori fillet wif mushroom sauce

Lavnya's.. fried dori fillet wif cheese..

Yuen's... Fish & Chips..

Lucky's.. Spagetti Bolognaise wif chicken i think..

Dia's... Plain tomato spagetti i guess.. hahahaha...

Gals' pic... Lavnya, Yuin Yuen & Dia..

Guy's pic... Lucky, Hari & miiii...

Another 1... Muahahahaha~

Yay!! Group photo... tat's after meal... every1's stomach full & hapi.. every1 ate except Hari coz he ate ady earlier... rofl..

Not 2 mention... Da receipt.. Wakakakakaka... duno y.. mi got habit of taking photo of receipt after makan.. wanna keep as remembrance i think.. Lol..

Tat's all for now.. Later 2day going 2 1Borneo again for movie.. Sorceress' Apprentice!! ^.^

Anyway, thanks 4 takin da time 2 read.. Stay tune.. =)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

KK Outing

13/7/2010 - Tuesday ~

Yahoo~ 2day morning lecture vry interesting... Got a pretty gud lecturer... Da guy's a chemist... but he's teaching chemical engineering.. Ahahaha... Chemical engineering more focus on plant design... XD!! Best part's when he said 2day no tutorial... Wahahaha... tat means i'm able 2 join my frens go KK gai gai...

Bout 10.15am reach bak room after class.. faster go take quick shower.. change..

11am meet at bus stop.. sit bus go 2 library's bus stop.. then sit another bus.. go Kota Kinabalu aka KK!! da journey's a lil long though.. bout 20 to 30 minutes lidat fr campus.. so sianz in da bus..

finally reach ady.. bout 1pm i guess.. vry hungry ady.. went 2 KFC at mini shopping mall nearby... 4got name ady... duno wat wawasan.. da place reminds mi of Ocean in Melaka.. Hahaha.. After tat, walk at there awhile.. nothing much interesting.. then we asked 4 directions 2 go 2 Centre Point shopping mall..

reach there in about 5 minutes lidat.. Centre Point is quite big.. got 8 floors.. There's even a private college at da top few floors.. lol..

sooo... gai gai time lor.. go look see etc.. stopped at a popular pearl tea shop called Yoyo!! NExtttt... went arcade burn some cash.. OMG... which reminds mi of how broke i am rite now..

Next, BOWLING time!! XD!! I havent been playing bowling 4quite long time already.. Beginning quite sucks lor.. Got twice da ball masuk longkang.. After awhile, able 2 pick up abit jor.. then wif great compliments to Mr. Lucky Goh... gimme loads of luck... i was able 2 strike 4a few times... Ahahaha!! XD!! thx man.. =P

After da game... felt exhausted ady... walk bit more.. snap photos here & there.. went popular bookstore... Lucky, Yuen & Hari shared money 2 buy da Slumdog Millionaire novel.. Ahahaha.. Swt swt.. Last but not least, we went & look see some shoes... Canvas... Ahahaha... See da shoes soo nice... Too tempting ady.. BUYYYY!!! mi, lucky, lavnya & yuen bought a pair each... XD!!

Then.. time 2 balik!!!!!

Tat concluded da outing for da day... It was pretty tiring lar... But most importantly, we had fun... Soo nice 2 hang out wif frenz.. Soo enjoy.. Looking fwd 2 da next outing wif ya guys.. ^^

Photo time!!! =P

Lucky Goh, Aaron Lien & HAri Prasad...

Yuen, Lavnya & me* =P tis's a veli nice photo!! But my eyes re da smallest though... Wakakakakaka...

Lav & Yuen...

Tis photo da BESTZZ.. Look at Lucky's smile... XD!! My face pulak.. lik saw ghost lidat.. ><

Yuen & Lav... Look at lav's shirt.. blk eyed peas's dun phunk wif my heart...

Candid... lucky making funny face expression..

At arcade.. mi dancing i guess... so concentrate my face..

Ahahaha... Lucky vs. Aaron.. Rock Fever... XP!!

Yuen pulak come play.. Hahaha... Lav tengokkk aje.. =P

Nice pic... Yuen posting for Peace! while Lucky post wif watermelon... hahaha.. just kidding.. tat's a bowling bowl... XD!!

Yay yay~~ Group pic.. Fr left.. Sanjay, me*, Lav, Yuen, Lucky.. Lol.. Sanjay not payin attention... Hari not in pic coz he's da 1 takin da photo.. ahahaha...

Ahahaha... Not 4getting my new shoess... Not branded de... But nice looking.. just RM38... Hope can last mi 4a long time.. XD!!

Tat's all for now... Tata~ ^^